Start charging for content in a few steps.

Piano Applause allows you to collect money from your user base without restricting access to content. You can use Applause to generate curtain reminders, messages, and page view counters to nudge your users to voluntarily contribute to your site. Applause will also allow you to control the user experience of those who have contributed.

Setting up Piano Applause is, in almost all respects, like Piano Paywall, with the primary difference that Piano Applause does not restrict content. Your users will always be able to see the content on your website, but they will have gentle reminders to donate to support your operation.  So if you understand how Paywall works, you will understand Applause, too.


The Basics

At the top of the screen, you’ll start with the name of your offering – this will appear in various spots within the check-out process as a reference for your users, and they will be able to use the URL you put here to link back to you in areas like their purchase receipt.


The Price Editor

Piano allows you to set a variety of price options with a simple, powerful editor.

You can set up to three suggested prices for your contributions.

Clicking on the price tag or pencil icon will enable you to set the price option; the trash icon will delete that price option. You can create the options for recurring, subscription-style contributions, or just one-time payments that have a fixed duration.  You can also create suggested amounts, and let your users type in higher ones if they want to!

Interested in displaying prices in a foreign currency? Check out this note first.


The Counter

For Piano Applause, it is helpful to remind your users how much they are looking at your site so they will be incentivized to donate! The counter will display wherever you’d like and when the user clicks it, a curtain will show up encouraging them to subscribe or donate.



Again helping remind your users how much they value their content, the reminder curtain can be set to appear after a certain number of views, and then to appear incrementally afterward. You can control both numbers!