Start charging for content in a few steps.

Piano GO downloads allow you to easily upload individual files and present them for sale using our API or a simple sale page. Uploaded files are stored on a high-availability storage server (file size limit of 250 megabytes, please!) and access is controlled by the easy-to-use Piano GO system you’re already familiar with.

The Basics

Starting from your Publisher Dashboard, navigate further down to the “Download” sub-section, and then click “Manage” Or, click on the tab “Products”, select "Downloads" and click on "Add a new file".

Enter some basic information for the file you wish to sell: title, a brief description, the date of publication, and a resource ID, which is a unique code you specify that you can use to manage and track your file in our system. Finally, set a price, attach the file, and select “Publish!”



Once your file upload is complete, the system will redirect you to a “Downloads for sale” page that showcases all of the files you have uploaded thus far.



To view more information about your download, or to make changes to the title, description, price or to upload a cover image for the file, click on the pencil icon beneath a file.



Selling it

Now that your file has been successfully uploaded, you’re ready to start selling! There are two ways to sell your file:

Option 1: Piano GO will automatically generate a sales page you can use to sell your file. The link for this page can be found in the file settings page as seen in the image above.

Users can make a purchase directly from this page, or if they have already purchased the file before, they can login using their Piano GO account to gain access to the file.


Option 2: For more advanced publishers, our API allows for further customization of the Downloads experience. For more information, please visit the Downloads section of our Developer Guide.

Here is a live example of a downloadable PDF document.